03-21-2017 Spring Training Is Still Happening

by Mary 21. March 2017 23:49
I watched the first six innings of today's game with the Angels, and from what I see of the final results, I turned it off just in time.  Cody Reed looked really, really good in his nearly six innings (got pulled for pitchcount with 2 outs).  At that point the Reds were up 1-0.  Since they managed to lose 9-1 I don't think I missed much.  Surely hope Reed can bring the polish he showed today on a more regular basis this season now that he has a bit more MLB seasoning. Dawg, ... [More]

03-12-2017 Three Weeks til Real Baseball

by Mary 12. March 2017 16:01
Just in time to see how Bronson Arroyo starting a spring training game.  Hope he does wel

03-05-2017 Spring Training is in Full Swing

by Mary 4. March 2017 17:49
Hope to hear some feedback from Goodyear from Doc and Dawg.     I know it's only spring, but I am feeling optimistic about having a fun season with Joey and his ducklings.

02-20-2017 The Games Are About to Begin

by Mary 21. February 2017 16:46
If I am remembering correctly, the first games of spring training are set to start this Friday.  Just looked it up and WLW will carry the game at 3:05 PM ET versus the Giants.  Wonder if Marty is in Arizona this early?

02-12-2017 BP Agrees to Trade to Atlanta

by Mary 12. February 2017 14:10
After 11 seasons as the Reds' second baseman, Brandon Phillips is off to Atlanta.  Overall, it's been a great relationship of a hard working, fan friendly player and a fan base who loved his smile and unbelievable at times play at second.  It's been good to know you, BP.

02-03-2017 Only 59 Days Until Opening Day

by Mary 3. February 2017 12:08
So the countdown truly begins.  As of today, we are less than two months away from real baseball, and even closer to the start of spring training. Let the anticipation build--just ten days until spring training!      

01-25-2017 Reds Caravan Time is Here

by Mary 26. January 2017 22:24
Anyone going to see any the caravan at one of the stops?   In addition to the signing of a veteran starting pitcher (Scott Feldman), an old Reds' favorite has been talking  to the powers that be  about a comeback.  What are the chances of seeing Bronson Arroyo again?  

01-18-2017 Countdown to Spring Training

by Mary 18. January 2017 11:47
Once again we have timed out.     I have great hopes of having a clear driveway by the end of the day.  The rain and 46 deg temperature are lowering the snow and there are actually a couple of patches of surface visible. Considering that it has been above freezing for 16 hours and raining most of that time, I am surprised that as much snow is left as there is, but at least progress is visible.  It will have been 8 days since I last saw my driveway, so I am itching to get ou... [More]

01-09-2017 Countdown to Spring Training

by Mary 9. January 2017 21:09
I don't have the exact numbers, but we are more than half way toward the end of the Reds baseball desert.  Spring training is around the corner, and i can't wait.  I've got the college football championship game on, but can't get very enthusiastic about either team.  I'm tepidly rooting for Clemson because my cousin's son is a student there.   Just read an article on RedReporter providing 22 (million) reasons to love Joey Votto. Take a hike, Marty B!    

01-01-2017 Welcome to 2017

by Mary 1. January 2017 22:15
Finally got around to using my laptop (for some reason, the dashboard hangs us when I try to use my iPad so I haven't been able to use that to open a new thread). Nothing much happening in the baseball world at this time, but pitchers and catchers actually report NEXT month!!!!   Hope everyone is off to a good start to their new year.


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