2013 Game Thread Starter Schedule

by Mary 27. March 2013 15:24
As we begin our fourth year here as RedsOctober, we have continuing opportunities for all to put their own special spin on the Reds season by contributing starters for various games/series. To start with, I will be posting about a month's worth of games ahead for signup, but you are always welcome to look to the schedule further out and claim some later games for yourself (I personally am claiming game 7 of the Reds World Series championship season right now).   The variety of outlooks (from unbridled optimism to abject despair and cynicism) make each new thread starter something to look forward to on a regular basis.  We hope to continue our tradition of excellence this year and invite all to participate.  SDDennis has agreed to once again kick off our season with his unmatched style, but other than that (and my clinching game of the WS), everything is up for grabs. Just reply to this thread (or send a note to starters@RedsOctober.com) when you want to sign up for starters.     2013 Schedule Apr 1-4 vs. Angels 1-SDDennis, 2-4 Amy Apr 5-7 vs. Natinals -AATeam Apr 8-10 @Cardinals-btalbert Apr 11 Off Day Apr 12-14 @Pirates redfaced Apr 15-17 vs. Phillies btalbert Apr 18-21 vs. Marlins Mary 18-19, River Otter-20, Mary 21 Apr. 22-24 vs. Cubs btablert Apr 25-28 @Natinals SDDennis/Mary Apr 29-May 1 @Cardinals AshlandATeam   May 2 Off Day May 3-5 @Cubs 4th-GeneWV May 6-8 v. Braves bjsRedsfan1 May 9 Off Day May 10-12 vs. Brewers Jabberwocky May 13 Off Day May 14-16 @ Marlins DocProc May 17-19 @ Phillies 17-18 Mary, 19-RiverOtter May 20-22@Mets AshlandATeam May 23 Off Day May 24-26 vs. Cubs RedFaced May 27-28 vs. Indians Amy May 29-30 @ Indians (nope, not a typo) May 31-June 2 @Pirates Mary, Gene, RiverOtter   June 3-5 vs.Rockies DocProc June 6 Off Day June 7-9 vs. Cardinals Mary-7, RedFaced-8+9 June 10-13 at Cubs Mary 10-11, DocProc 12-13 June 14-16 vs. Brewers Mary-14, RedFaced 15-16 June 17-20 vs. Pirates GeneWV 17-18, RedFaced 19-20 June 21-23 at Diamondbacks Amy June 24 Off Day June 25-26 at Athletics AshlandATeam June 27 Off Day June 28-30 at Rangers Mary   July 1-4 vs. Giants AshlandATeam July 5-7 vs. Mariners btalbert July 8-11 at Brewers Amy July 12-14 at Braves Amy July 15-18 All Star Break July 19-21 vs. Pirates  RedFaced July 22-24 at Giants  Amy July 25-28 at Dodgers Mary July 29-31 at  Padres Ashland ATeam   Aug. 2-4 vs. Cards Aug. 6-7 vs. A's Jabberwocky Aug. 9-11 vs. Padres Aug. 12-14 at Cubs Aug. 15-18 at Brewers Aug. 19-22 vs. Dbacks Aug. 23-25 vs. Brewers Aug. 26-28 at Cards Aug. 30-Sept. 1 at Rockies Sept. 2-5 vs. Cards Sept. 6-8 vs. Dodgers Sept. 9-11 vs. Cubs Sept. 13-15 at Brewers Sept. 16-18 at Astros Sept. 20-22 at Pirates Sept. 23-25 vs. Mets Sept. 27-29 vs. Pirates

2012 Thread Starter Signups

by Mary 28. March 2012 20:05
As the hours until opening day are ticking away (do any clocks still tick?), the time has come to start the signup sheet for starters for this, the soon to be highly successful 2012 Cincinnati Reds season.  While it is somewhat preferable that entire series be taken by one person, that is not always possible, so please consider which games you can provide starters for and sign up below.  We do have our opening day starter named--SDDennis has agreed to provide the inspirational start for the third consecutive year. Now the rest of us need to pick up the rest of the games and keep the RO traditions alive. Volunteers?   April 2012 April 5-8 vs. Marlins  5th-SDDennis, 7-8 SoccerDad April 9-11 vs. Cardinals  Ashland A Team April 12-15 at Nationals Amy April 16 Off Day GeneWV April 17-19 at Cardinals rpa April 20-22 at Cubs btalbert25 April 23 Off Day April 24-26 vs. Giants btalbert25 April 27-29 vs. Astros Mary   April 30 Off Day   May 1-3 vs.Cubs AshlandATeam   May 4-6 at Pirates Amy   May 7-9 at Brewers SoccerDad   May 10 Off Day   May 11-13 vs. Nationals VottoLoco   May 14-15 at Braves bjsReds1   May 16-17 at Mets bjsReds1   May 18-20 at Yankees Docproc   May 21-24 vs. Braves rpa   May 25-27 vs. Rockies Mary   May 28-30 at Pirates 28/29 RiverOtter, 30 RedFaced   May 31 Off Day GeneWV     Jun 1-3 @Houston GrizzlyFox   Jun 4 Off Day   Jun 5-7 vs. Pirates AshlandATeam   Jun 6-8 vs. Tigers rpa   Jun 11 Off Day   Jun 12-14 vs. Indians Ashland   Jun 15-17 @Mets DocProc   Jun 18-20 @ Indians Mary   Jun 21 Off Day   Jun 22-24 vs. Twins btalbert   Jun 25-27 vs. Brewers SoccerDad/Mary   Jun 28-Jul 1 @ Giants VottoLoco   July 2-4 @Dodgers bjsreds1   July 5-9 @ San Diego Amy   July 9-12 All Star Break   July 13-15 vs. Cardinals Mary (13th), RiverOtter 14-15   July 16-19 vs. Arizona SoccerDad   July 20-22 vs. Brewers RedFaced   July 23-25 @ Astros DocProc   July 26 Off Day ORF1   July 27-29 A Rockies btalbert25   July 30-Aug 2 vs. Padres bjsReds1   Aug 3-5 vs. Pirates VottoLoco   Aug 6-8 @ Brewers AshlandATeam   Aug 9-12 @ Cubs Mary   Aug 13 Off Day   Aug 14-16 vs. Mets  Amy   Aug 17-19 vs. Cubs btalbert25   Aug 20-23 @ Phillies  RedFaced   Aug 24-26 vs. Cardinals   Aug 27-29 @ Arizona  SDDennis   Aug 30 Off Day   Aug 31-Sep 2 @ Astros   Champ   SEPTEMBER Sep 3-5 v. Phillies AshlandATeam   Sep 6 Off Day   Sep 7-9 v. Astros  8th-RiverOtter,7th+9th-BTalbert   Sep 10-12 v. Pirates   Amy   Sep 13 Off Day   Sep 14-16 at Marlins  btalbert   Sep 17 Off Day   Sep 18-20  at Cubs - RedFaced   Sep 21-23 v. Dodgers Mary   Sep 24 Off Day   Sep 25-27 v. Brewers   Ashland ATEam   Sep 28-30 at Pirates SoccerDad   OCTOBER   Oct 1-3 at Cards RedFaced

2011 Starter Sign Up Thread

by Mary 21. March 2011 12:09
thread starters ready for posting can be sent to starters@redsoctober.com for processing   It's that time again! (nag, nag, nag).  We are looking for thread starters for the upcoming season's series. Over the past couple of years, we have been treated to some excellent and entertaining starters from many of our posters.  The variety of viewpoints and presentation styles has kept this forum alive and vibrant and there is no reason that this will not continue to be the case.  Whether poetry or statistics or something else entirely is your forte, please step forward to take a series or off-day and give it the starter it deserves.   Here is the first month's games--please jump in and grab the dates and series that fit your interests/schedule.   March   31--vs. Milwaukee OPENING DAY!!   SDDennis   April   1-off day   2-3 vs. Milwaukee    SDDennis   4 OFF DAY   5-7 vs. Houston  AshlandATeam   8-10 at Arizona  Champ Summers   11-13 at San Diego Amy   14 OFF DAY   15-18 vs. Pittsburgh  Mary   19-21 vs. Arizona SoccerDad   22-24 vs. St. Louis 22nd-SoccerDad, 23-RiverOtter, 24 Mary   25-27 at Milwaukee  VottoLoco   28 OFF DAY   29-May 1 vs. Florida AshlandATeam   May   2-4 vs. Houston SCRedsFan   5 OFF DAY   6-8 at Chicago  SDDennis-RiverOtter-SDDennis   9-11 at Houston 9-ChampSummers, 10/11 -btalbert   12 OFF DAY   13-15 vs. St. Louis GrizzlyFox-River Otter-GrizzlyFox   16-17 vs. Chicago GrizzlyFox   18-19 vs. Pittsburgh AshlandATeam   20-22 at Cleveland  SoccerDad   23-26 at Philadelphia bjsReds1   27-29 at Atlanta VottoLoco   30-June 1 vs. Milwaukee DocProc   June   2 Off Day 3-5 vs. Dodgers Mary 6-8 vs. Cubs AshlandATeam   9-12 at San Francisco   13-15 at Dodgers  RedFaced   16 Off Day   17-19 vs. Toronto Amy   20-22 vs. Yankees AshlandATeam   23 Off Day   24-26 at Baltimore 25th only, SoccerDad, 26th only RiverOtter   27-29 at Tampa Bay SoccerDad   30 Off Day   JULY 1-3 Cleveland Mary 4-6 at St. Louis  RedWakeup 7-10 at Milwaukee btalbert25 11-14 All Star Break 15-17 WLBs  AshlandATeam 18-20 at Pittsburg RedFaced 21 OFF DAY 22-24 Atlanta  GeneWV - Game 1 25-28 New York Mets  BJSReds1 29-31 SF Giants Mary   August 1-3 at Houston  DocProc 4 OffDay 5-7 at Chicago Cubs RedFaced 8-11 v.Colorado SDDennis 12-14 v. San Diego Friday-SDDennis, Sat-Mary, Sun-? 15  off day 16-18 at Washington Champ Summers 19-21 at Pittsburgh RedFaced GrizzlyFox 22 off day GeneWV 23-25 at Florida AshlandATeam   26-28 v. Washington Mary 29-1 Sept v. Philadelphia SoccerDad   Sept 2011 Sep 2-4 at St. Louis RedFaced   Sep 5-7 vs. Chicago Cubs SDDennis   Sep 8 Off Day   Sep 9-11 at Colorado 9-GeneWV, 10-Mary   Sep 12-15 vs. Chicago Cubs SoccerDad   Sep 16-18 vs. Milwaukee   Sep 19-21 vs. Houston SDDennis   Sep 22 Off Day   Sep 23-25 at Pittsburgh   Sep  26-28 at NY Mets AshlandATeam

Offseason Thread: The Future is Bright

by VottoLoco 6. January 2011 16:38

2010 Thread Starters Schedule

by Mary 30. July 2010 10:45
The season is moving right along, with Cincinnati in the hunt for a RedsOctober, and it's time get our ducks (and otters, polar bears, dawgs, squirrels, katz, dolphins, and misc. livestock) in line for upcoming Thread Starting opportunities. Come on, step up to the plate and hit one out of the park with your unique take on Reds baseball. Please reply to this thread to request a series (or off-day thread) as your own. APRIL   April 5--St. Louis (Opening Day) SDDennis April 6--Off-Day Mr. R April 7-8--Amy April 9-11-- RiverOtter on 9th, GrizzlyFox on 10th and 11th April 12-15 -- at Florida- Ashland A Team April 16-18--at Pittsburgh  twoshoezzz on 16th, CedarRapidsRed on 17th and 18th April 19--Off Day Mike W April 20-22--Los Angeles UtahBrian April 13-25--San Diego Padres SDDennis April 26--Off-Day OhioRedsFan1 April 27-29--at Houston  Mr. R 27/28, MaryinCa 29th MAY  April 30-May 2--at St. Louis VARedsFan May 3-5--vs. New York Mets AshlandATeam May 6--off day   Gweedoh  Mr. R May 7-9--Chicago Cubs  Mike W May 10-12--at Pittsburgh  May 10 and 12 RiverOtter, May 11, Amy May 13--Off-Day  GeneWV May 14-16--St. Louis  Grizzlyfox May 17-18--Milwaukee  Mr. Bartender May 19-20--at Atlanta  RedScoop May 21-23--at Cleveland RPA May 24-27--Pittsburgh SDDennis May 28-30--Houston   VottoLoco June May 31-June 2 at St. Louis AshlandATeam June 3- Off Day VottoLoco June 4-6 at Washington GrizzlyFox June 7-10  vs. San Francisco Mike W June 11-13  vs. Kansas City  Amy June 14 Off Day Flard  MaryinCA June 15-17 vs. LA Dodgers River Otter June 18-20 at Seattle rpa June 21-23 at Oakland  Amy, AshlandATeam June 24 Off Day GeneWV June 25-27  vs, Cleveland MaryinCA June 28-30  vs. Philadelphia  SDDennis July July 1-4 at ChiCubs GrizzlyFox July 5-7 @ NY Mets SoccerDad13 July 8-11 @ Philadelphia RedFaced July 12-15 Off Days (All Star Game) OhioRedsFan July 16-18 vs Colorado  16th-SDDennis, 17-18 RedWakeUp July 19-22 vs Washington SoccerDad13 July 23-25 @ Houston GrizzlyFox July 26-28 @ Milwaukee  DocProc July 29 Off Day OhioRedsFan July 30- Aug 1 vs. Atlanta RedFaced August Aug 2-4 @ Pittsburgh AshlandATeam Aug 5 OFF DAY SoccerDad13 Aug 6-8 @ Chicago Cubs Grizzlyfox Aug 9-11 v.St.Louis  DocProc Aug 12 OFF DAY  GeneWV Aug 13-15 v. Florida 13th-SDDennis, 14/15- Mary Aug 16 OFF DAY GeneWV Aug 17-19 @ Arizona Amy Aug 20-22 @ LA Dodgers ChampSummers Aug 23-25 @ San Francisco  SDDennis and SoccerDad Aug 26 OFF DAY  Aug 27-29 v. Chicago Cubs AshlandATeam Aug 30-Sep 1  v. Milwaukee  RedWakeUp September Sept 2 Off Day GeneWV Sept 3-5 @ St. Louis Amy Sept 6-9 @Colorado Mary Sept 10-12 Pittsburgh RedFaced Sept 13-16 Arizona  ChampSummer and OhioRedsFan Sept 17-19 @ Houston AshlandATeam/ River Otter Sept 20-22 @Milwaukee RiverOtter Sept 23 Off Day Gene WV Sept 24-26 @ San Diego   SDDennis Sept 27 Off Day OhioRedsFan Sept 28-30vs. Houston Ashland ATeam October Oct. 1-3 vs Milwaukee  RedFaced   POST SEASON   NLDS Game 1  AshlandATeam NLDS Game 2 btalbert NLDS Game 3 NKDS Game 4


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