02-20-2017 The Games Are About to Begin

by Mary 21. February 2017 16:46
If I am remembering correctly, the first games of spring training are set to start this Friday.  Just looked it up and WLW will carry the game at 3:05 PM ET versus the Giants.  Wonder if Marty is in Arizona this early?

02-12-2017 BP Agrees to Trade to Atlanta

by Mary 12. February 2017 14:10
After 11 seasons as the Reds' second baseman, Brandon Phillips is off to Atlanta.  Overall, it's been a great relationship of a hard working, fan friendly player and a fan base who loved his smile and unbelievable at times play at second.  It's been good to know you, BP.

02-03-2017 Only 59 Days Until Opening Day

by Mary 3. February 2017 12:08
So the countdown truly begins.  As of today, we are less than two months away from real baseball, and even closer to the start of spring training. Let the anticipation build--just ten days until spring training!      

01-25-2017 Reds Caravan Time is Here

by Mary 26. January 2017 22:24
Anyone going to see any the caravan at one of the stops?   In addition to the signing of a veteran starting pitcher (Scott Feldman), an old Reds' favorite has been talking  to the powers that be  about a comeback.  What are the chances of seeing Bronson Arroyo again?  

01-18-2017 Countdown to Spring Training

by Mary 18. January 2017 11:47
Once again we have timed out.     I have great hopes of having a clear driveway by the end of the day.  The rain and 46 deg temperature are lowering the snow and there are actually a couple of patches of surface visible. Considering that it has been above freezing for 16 hours and raining most of that time, I am surprised that as much snow is left as there is, but at least progress is visible.  It will have been 8 days since I last saw my driveway, so I am itching to get out.      

01-09-2017 Countdown to Spring Training

by Mary 9. January 2017 21:09
I don't have the exact numbers, but we are more than half way toward the end of the Reds baseball desert.  Spring training is around the corner, and i can't wait.  I've got the college football championship game on, but can't get very enthusiastic about either team.  I'm tepidly rooting for Clemson because my cousin's son is a student there.   Just read an article on RedReporter providing 22 (million) reasons to love Joey Votto. Take a hike, Marty B!    

01-01-2017 Welcome to 2017

by Mary 1. January 2017 22:15
Finally got around to using my laptop (for some reason, the dashboard hangs us when I try to use my iPad so I haven't been able to use that to open a new thread). Nothing much happening in the baseball world at this time, but pitchers and catchers actually report NEXT month!!!!   Hope everyone is off to a good start to their new year.

12-17-2016 The year 2016 Is Drawing To A Close

by Mary 17. December 2016 16:01
...and our last thread timed out.    

12-09-2016: What's Up in Redsland?

by Mary 9. December 2016 16:43
I saw that the Reds picked up a Rule 5 catcher, but have not heard much about any other personnel moves.  Maybe, or maybe not, something will happen in the remainder of 2016.  Something needs to happen before the 2017 season starts though.   I've added a couple of photos to show what a couple of inches of snow does to Portland. It will probably be another day or so until I can get out in a car.  I did walk around the neighborhood and met tons of neighbors I had never seen before. School was closed Thursday and Friday, and a lot people couldn't get to work, so the street in front of my house became a sled run for the past two days.  It's a relatively straight shot downhill with a good sledding slope.     By the way, don't believe the USPS when they say that rain, snow, sleet, etc won't keep them from their appointed rounds.  No sign of them around here since Tuesday.

11-28-2016 Goodbye Thanksgiving and Hello Winter Meetings.

by RedFaced 28. November 2016 22:07
Winter meetings are scheduled for Dec 5-8 but the stalled talks on the CBA have stirred talk of cancelling the meetings.  I'm guessing they go on as scheduled and I doubt the Reds see much action during the meetings.     Of note is the fact that the big trade the Mariners just pulled off netted them a SS so that should officially close the book on the Cozart to the Mariners trade talks and rumors.  Not sure who that leaves as possible suitors for Cozart.  As the rest of you mentioned a move of BP would be good for this team and I think a move of Cozart would be equally good for similar and yet not so similar reasons but a good move for the team regardless.     I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  


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