01-09-2017 Countdown to Spring Training

by Mary 9. January 2017 21:09
I don't have the exact numbers, but we are more than half way toward the end of the Reds baseball desert.  Spring training is around the corner, and i can't wait.  I've got the college football championship game on, but can't get very enthusiastic about either team.  I'm tepidly rooting for Clemson because my cousin's son is a student there.   Just read an article on RedReporter providing 22 (million) reasons to love Joey Votto. Take a hike, Marty B!    

01-01-2017 Welcome to 2017

by Mary 1. January 2017 22:15
Finally got around to using my laptop (for some reason, the dashboard hangs us when I try to use my iPad so I haven't been able to use that to open a new thread). Nothing much happening in the baseball world at this time, but pitchers and catchers actually report NEXT month!!!!   Hope everyone is off to a good start to their new year.

12-17-2016 The year 2016 Is Drawing To A Close

by Mary 17. December 2016 16:01
...and our last thread timed out.    

12-09-2016: What's Up in Redsland?

by Mary 9. December 2016 16:43
I saw that the Reds picked up a Rule 5 catcher, but have not heard much about any other personnel moves.  Maybe, or maybe not, something will happen in the remainder of 2016.  Something needs to happen before the 2017 season starts though.   I've added a couple of photos to show what a couple of inches of snow does to Portland. It will probably be another day or so until I can get out in a car.  I did walk around the neighborhood and met tons of neighbors I had never seen before. School was closed Thursday and Friday, and a lot people couldn't get to work, so the street in front of my house became a sled run for the past two days.  It's a relatively straight shot downhill with a good sledding slope.     By the way, don't believe the USPS when they say that rain, snow, sleet, etc won't keep them from their appointed rounds.  No sign of them around here since Tuesday.

11-28-2016 Goodbye Thanksgiving and Hello Winter Meetings.

by RedFaced 28. November 2016 22:07
Winter meetings are scheduled for Dec 5-8 but the stalled talks on the CBA have stirred talk of cancelling the meetings.  I'm guessing they go on as scheduled and I doubt the Reds see much action during the meetings.     Of note is the fact that the big trade the Mariners just pulled off netted them a SS so that should officially close the book on the Cozart to the Mariners trade talks and rumors.  Not sure who that leaves as possible suitors for Cozart.  As the rest of you mentioned a move of BP would be good for this team and I think a move of Cozart would be equally good for similar and yet not so similar reasons but a good move for the team regardless.     I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  

11-14-2016 Off Season Continues

by Mary 15. November 2016 20:58
I see we have once again timed out, so here is a thread if anyone hears anything they'd like to talk about.

11-07-2016 Offseason Begins

by Mary 7. November 2016 22:18
Strangely happy to see the Cubs win--mostly because the Cubs fans I know personally are so overjoyed and have waited for so  long.  My best friend's mother's 99th birthday began a few minutes after the Cubs clinched.  She was wearing her Cubs shirt and hat.  She had most of her extended family flying in to see her during her birthday week and she told them that this was the best birthday present she ever got.  This is just after being diagnosed with end stage lymphoma.  I face timed with her the next day and she was till bubbling over with happiness, both for having her family around, but also having them there to celebrate the Cubs' win with her. It really struck home when she pointed out that the Cubs had not won a championship since nine years before she was born.  She is also a big time Bears fan (and she and her late husband had season tickets for over 50 years, which still are in the family--she is far from a fair weather fan) and they are not doing so well this year.   Soon we will have the winter meetings, RedsFest and the rest of the off season rigamarole beginning.  Wait until next year.

02-12-2016 Off Season: Less Than One Week Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

by Mary 12. February 2016 16:57
This has been a very quiet off season, both here on RO and in the Reds' front office lately.  Not much new to report, although I am sure that it will seem strange to the veteran players reporting to Goodyear to not have Bernie Stowe around any more. This has been an anything but quiet off season for me, as I sold my house in Manhattan Beach and moved to Portland OR.  I've been here for almost a month and love it.  Lots of things to do to make the house "mine", but I'm getting there.  My cat loves the new house as well--I think after a two day car ride, he might have loved anything other than his carrier.  Lots of house guests so far (and more arriving on Sunday) and meeting new people locally, so I am keeping busy.  Not so busy that I am not looking forward to the upcoming baseball season, however.          


by DocProc 1. February 2016 13:57
I've seen numerous people on social media refer to the 2016 Reds as a "minor-league team"--often when describing why they won't attend many if any games this season. They seem to believe that jettisoning Frazier and Chapman, and Cueto and Leake before them, means that the Louisville Bats will be in playing in Reds uniforms at GABP this season. I want to slap them upside the head for at least two reasons: 1. If by "minor-league team" they mean that our lineup will be filled with green prospects in their early 20s, then they're not paying attention. As it stands right now, 24-year-old Eugenio Suarez will likely be the Reds' youngest starting position player--and that would INCLUDE Adam Duvall if he starts in left field. At the moment, our best young position-player prospect--Jose Peraza--doesn't have a position (would that he did). It's hard to regard a lineup that includes Votto, Bruce, BP, and Mes as a young and inexperienced "minor-league team." And while our pitching staff is indeed a bit green, several of them--DeSclafani, Iglesias, Lorenzen, Lamb, Finnegan, Moscot--got their baptism by fire last season and won't be rookies this year. And Finnegan is the youngest of that bunch, turning 23 in April. So this is NOT a team of snot-nosed hotshots getting their first taste of the bigs. In fact, I wish we had MORE players who fit that description. 2. If by "minor-league team" they mean a roster filled with washed-up has-beens or career minor leaguers, then they're thinking of 2015's team. Here's a few names that fit that profile who played for us last year (in no particular order): Schumaker, Bourgeois, Boesch, Dominguez, Negron, Marquis, Gregg, Parra, Badenhop. And that doesn't include guys like Byrd, Pena, and LeCure--players I generally liked but are clearly past their prime. So if two-bit veterans are their definition of a "minor-league team," the Reds have cleared a lot of that deadwood. So when someone says we'll be fielding a minor-league team in 2016, I want to say some combination of: 1. You're not paying attention. 2. You have the wrong year. 3. Would that we were. 4. WE LOST 98 #$&#ING GAMES LAST YEAR, ASS HAT--WOULD YOU PREFER TO GO BACK TO THAT? Personally, I'm looking forward to this season and hope we see guys like Peraza, Stephenson, Winker, Garrett, and others in GABP sooner rather than later.


by DocProc 24. January 2016 16:57
Hey Everybody: Here's the latest rumor on Bronson Arroyo. It's not much, but I'll say again that I'd LOVE to have Bronson on the staff this year. http://www.baseballessential.com/news/2016/01/24/sources-bronson-arroyo-throws-for-reds-in-cincinnati/ Gene, I'm guessing you got hit hard with the blizzard in WV. Holding up okay?


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