12-18-2015 Trades Continue.....

by Mary 18. December 2015 11:49
Another thread has timed out and left us all hanging as to whether the BP to Washington trade goes through and who would be involved.  Thought it was time for another starter, so here it is.

12-10-2015: The Offseason Continues

by Mary 10. December 2015 12:09
I see that we have again timed out, so here is a new thread to talk about who is going, who may be going, who has shot whom, etc.   Carry on.


by DocProc 2. December 2015 10:17
Reds Fest is coming this weekend. Hebron, if you're out there, I know you were looking for tix. I'm sorry to say that the person who shares my season package wanted them, so she had first dibs and got them. Hope you're still able to attend and enjoy.

11-23-2015: Happy Thanksgiving Week

by Mary 23. November 2015 11:24
Time for a new thread as the prior one is closed to comments. This will probably be a quiet week on the baseball front, so what better way to usher in Turkey Day than this episode of WKRP that remains one of my all time favorite clips.   [video src="WKRP 'As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly' Thanksgiving.mp4"]


by DocProc 15. November 2015 13:48
I was chagrined the other day when Kimbrel went to the Red Sox for FOUR prospects. I was hoping Boston would be our partner in a Chapman trade, and four prospects sounded like a good haul. Then I saw who the prospects were. NONE of the four will be ready for the majors next year, and the best of them is a BHam clone (speedy CF w/o power). No thanks. When we trade Chapman (and I hope it's a when, not if), I hope we get at least one young bat (preferably an outfielder) who can start for us next ... [More]

11-09-15 - Off Season Ramblings Part I

by RedFaced 9. November 2015 11:10
We needed a new starter so here it is.   I think the GM move is a good one as do most of you it appears from reading the last thread.   Should be an interesting off-season but I doubt we will see much movement until the Winter meetings in early Dec so at least a month of waiting and wondering I'd guess.      

11-01-2015: Can The Royals Close Out the Series With a Win Today?

by Mary 1. November 2015 10:01
Just noticed that our thread had once again timed out, so am opening a new one.   Hard to believe that it's time for November baseball, but my calendar is telling me that is the case. While I would like to see Johnny Cueto pitch another outstanding game in game 6, I am hoping Edinson Volquez can pitch the game of his life today and clinch it for the Royals.  They are a fun team to watch and seem to have the magic this year that is often the decider in these series.   Here is Ge... [More]


Game Thread

10-24-2015 GAME THREAD: Who Guessed the WS Would Be KC vs. NY?

by Mary 24. October 2015 13:09
Yep, the divisional and league championship series are done and only two teams are left standing. Fortunately, the team I am rooting for (KC) is one of those two.  So happy that the WLBs did make it out of the first round, and also not too unhappy that the Cubs did not make it out of the second round.   Let the games begin!


Game Thread


by DocProc 16. October 2015 12:19
I thought I'd throw up (not vomit) a thread starter in case anyone wants to comment on any of the upcoming league championship games. So we have the Royals and the Blue Jays, and we have the Cubs and the Mets. Quite frankly, that would have been my favorite foursome from the start. I'm still pulling for the Royals over the Cubs in the World Series, but that's not a strong pull and it's subject to change. What I would like most is to see some good games and for Johnny to shine.


Game Thread

10-08-2015 Division Series Time

by Mary 8. October 2015 20:23
Well, the Rats and Yanks have been eliminated in the Wild Card round, who will be the next to fall in the division series?


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