03-28-2017 Final Spring Training Thread

by Mary 29. March 2017 00:11
Timed out again, but only five days until real baseball starts (I don't count Sudnday's games since the Reds should start the season, but no longer get to be first )

03-21-2017 Spring Training Is Still Happening

by Mary 21. March 2017 23:49
I watched the first six innings of today's game with the Angels, and from what I see of the final results, I turned it off just in time.  Cody Reed looked really, really good in his nearly six innings (got pulled for pitchcount with 2 outs).  At that point the Reds were up 1-0.  Since they managed to lose 9-1 I don't think I missed much.  Surely hope Reed can bring the polish he showed today on a more regular basis this season now that he has a bit more MLB seasoning. Dawg, ... [More]

03-12-2017 Three Weeks til Real Baseball

by Mary 12. March 2017 16:01
Just in time to see how Bronson Arroyo starting a spring training game.  Hope he does wel

03-05-2017 Spring Training is in Full Swing

by Mary 4. March 2017 17:49
Hope to hear some feedback from Goodyear from Doc and Dawg.     I know it's only spring, but I am feeling optimistic about having a fun season with Joey and his ducklings.


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