11-28-2016 Goodbye Thanksgiving and Hello Winter Meetings.

by RedFaced 28. November 2016 22:07
Winter meetings are scheduled for Dec 5-8 but the stalled talks on the CBA have stirred talk of cancelling the meetings.  I'm guessing they go on as scheduled and I doubt the Reds see much action during the meetings.     Of note is the fact that the big trade the Mariners just pulled off netted them a SS so that should officially close the book on the Cozart to the Mariners trade talks and rumors.  Not sure who that leaves as possible suitors for Cozart.  As the rest o... [More]

11-14-2016 Off Season Continues

by Mary 15. November 2016 20:58
I see we have once again timed out, so here is a thread if anyone hears anything they'd like to talk about.

11-07-2016 Offseason Begins

by Mary 7. November 2016 22:18
Strangely happy to see the Cubs win--mostly because the Cubs fans I know personally are so overjoyed and have waited for so  long.  My best friend's mother's 99th birthday began a few minutes after the Cubs clinched.  She was wearing her Cubs shirt and hat.  She had most of her extended family flying in to see her during her birthday week and she told them that this was the best birthday present she ever got.  This is just after being diagnosed with end stage lymphoma. &... [More]


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