02-20-2016: Spring Training Has Arrived!

by Mary 20. February 2016 18:27
We timed out even with only a few messages on the last thread, so here is new one.    I saw a tweet from John Fay that was somewhat encouraging where he said that Devin Mesoraco caught as many sessions as any other catcher.  Hope he does not encounter any setbacks.

02-12-2016 Off Season: Less Than One Week Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

by Mary 12. February 2016 16:57
This has been a very quiet off season, both here on RO and in the Reds' front office lately.  Not much new to report, although I am sure that it will seem strange to the veteran players reporting to Goodyear to not have Bernie Stowe around any more. This has been an anything but quiet off season for me, as I sold my house in Manhattan Beach and moved to Portland OR.  I've been here for almost a month and love it.  Lots of things to do to make the house "mine", but I'm getting the... [More]


by DocProc 1. February 2016 13:57
I've seen numerous people on social media refer to the 2016 Reds as a "minor-league team"--often when describing why they won't attend many if any games this season. They seem to believe that jettisoning Frazier and Chapman, and Cueto and Leake before them, means that the Louisville Bats will be in playing in Reds uniforms at GABP this season. I want to slap them upside the head for at least two reasons: 1. If by "minor-league team" they mean that our lineup will be filled with green prospects... [More]


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