11-23-2015: Happy Thanksgiving Week

by Mary 23. November 2015 11:24
Time for a new thread as the prior one is closed to comments. This will probably be a quiet week on the baseball front, so what better way to usher in Turkey Day than this episode of WKRP that remains one of my all time favorite clips.   [video src="WKRP 'As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly' Thanksgiving.mp4"]


by DocProc 15. November 2015 13:48
I was chagrined the other day when Kimbrel went to the Red Sox for FOUR prospects. I was hoping Boston would be our partner in a Chapman trade, and four prospects sounded like a good haul. Then I saw who the prospects were. NONE of the four will be ready for the majors next year, and the best of them is a BHam clone (speedy CF w/o power). No thanks. When we trade Chapman (and I hope it's a when, not if), I hope we get at least one young bat (preferably an outfielder) who can start for us next ... [More]

11-09-15 - Off Season Ramblings Part I

by RedFaced 9. November 2015 11:10
We needed a new starter so here it is.   I think the GM move is a good one as do most of you it appears from reading the last thread.   Should be an interesting off-season but I doubt we will see much movement until the Winter meetings in early Dec so at least a month of waiting and wondering I'd guess.      

11-01-2015: Can The Royals Close Out the Series With a Win Today?

by Mary 1. November 2015 10:01
Just noticed that our thread had once again timed out, so am opening a new one.   Hard to believe that it's time for November baseball, but my calendar is telling me that is the case. While I would like to see Johnny Cueto pitch another outstanding game in game 6, I am hoping Edinson Volquez can pitch the game of his life today and clinch it for the Royals.  They are a fun team to watch and seem to have the magic this year that is often the decider in these series.   Here is Ge... [More]


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