by DocProc 28. March 2015 10:21
Let me say up front that I offer this post just for friendly discussion. I don't think my recommendations will be followed by the Reds, and I'm guessing many on this board will disagree with me. I'm just tossing it out there to promote some conversation the week before the season starts. I give you two players: Player #1: 29 years old   Slashline #1: .271/.331/.479/.810   Slashline #2: .304/.373/.543/.916   Slashline #3: .405/.468/.619/1.087 Player #2: 29 years old   ... [More]

03-25-2015: A Healthy Roster and an Ideal Lineup

by VottoLoco 26. March 2015 10:43
Last offseason, I was really high on Bryan Price.  I was excited because it sounded like he would take a more advanced approach to managing the team.   I wrote the following:   “With Bryan Price sitting in the driver’s seat, the Reds are poised to step into the modern day of more progressive baseball strategy.  In his own words:   You have to use statistical analysis to understand certain themes and certain percentages and certain matchups. That’s... [More]

03-20-2015 Spring Training is Beginning to Drag On

by Mary 20. March 2015 15:32
Not much to say, but the prior thread was getting to be a long scroll on mobile devices, hence a new thread. Go Spartans! (just in case anyone was wondering who I am rooting for to take it all in the tournament.  Very up and down today against Georgia   Tonight's lineup:   And here is Saturday's lineup (must be an off day for most regulars)


by DocProc 15. March 2015 08:05
I was going to write a starter this morning about the guys I think will make the 25-man roster--and then I opened the Enquirer and found that John Fay made the exact same picks. I might quibble with the order of his lineup (I think Mes bats higher), but not with any of his choices to make the team. So here it is: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/mlb/reds/2015/03/14/cincinnati-reds-baseball-projected-roster/70302400/ For any who may not be able to open it, here are the lists without comm... [More]

03-10-15 New Starter for nice viewing. Initial Cuts made.

by RedFaced 10. March 2015 14:35
Here are the cuts that Mary posted on the last thread:   John Fay ‏@johnfayman  29m29 minutes agoDuran to optioned Pensacola, Rodriguez to Lville. Crawford, Guillon, Howard, Stephenson, Travieso, Soto, LaMarre, Winker to minor camp #reds   Doc - hope you are enjoying your Spring training games.    Gene - have not seen you are lately.  I know you are busy but let us know you are ok.  


by DocProc 7. March 2015 08:44
At 5 p.m. today, I board a plane to Phoenix for two full days of baseball and sunshine. And more baseball. This will be my 13th straight year of attending Spring Training. My first venture back in 2003 was SonOfDoc's high school graduation present. As he and I returned home from that wonderful trip to Sarasota, I pledged that I would continue to visit Spring Training every year as long as I was able to do so. And as most of you know, I made the ultimate trip last year when I spent four weeks in... [More]

03-06-2015 Reds v Cubs

by Champ Summers 6. March 2015 10:21
Not the best game yesterday but I got to see Lorenzen and he looked pretty sharp. His curve ball had nice action for the "dry" desert air. Today Tony Cingrani takes on Jon Lester so that will be interesting. That's about all the time I have at the moment. The previous thread was getting a little long for mobile viewing.


03-04-15 Reds v Indians part deux

by Champ Summers 4. March 2015 10:05
Hamilton 8 Schumaker 7 Frazier 5 Dominguez 3 Boesch 9 Pena DH Cozart 6 Negron 4 Barnhart 2 DeSclafani p   Yesterday the Reds beat the pants off a bunch of minor league pitchers so I'll take it with a grain of salt. That said it was nice to experience baseball and to see guys actually score after getting on base. Thanks to AAT once again. Anytime you feel inspired feel free to write some more. Hi Amy. I did have to go to Chrome to cut and paste things into a starter and I had to ... [More]

03-03-15 SPRING TRAINING GAMES BEGIN and a Guest Starter by an Old Friend.

by DocProc 3. March 2015 08:37
Nothing much new to say here, but I thought the first game deserved a new thread. Hope to catch some of the broadcast on WLW today after I'm finished teaching.   Doc, thanks for the game thread. AAT was looking for a way to contribute to RO without losing his mind on a regular basis. He still loves Reds baseball, expressing his opinion using the written word and being entertaining. I'm going post his words here even though I've not finished reading them.   Welcome back my friend ... [More]


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