02-25-15 - Players to Watch this Spring

by RedFaced 25. February 2015 09:22
Anthony DeSclafani - He's the most likely candidate to join the rotation after coming over in the Mat Latos trade with Miami.  "Tony D" started 5 games for the Marlins last year and while he struggled in 33IP I think he's likely to do much better for the Reds in 2015.  Tony D has a very solid career BB/SO ratio at almost 4-1.  He also appears to get a lot of ground balls while giving up few HR's.  He has a solid low 90's fastball that tops out at 94 and a slider that is more ... [More]


by RedFaced 18. February 2015 11:29
Nothing to really say.  We've had our largest snowfall since 1994 and Spring seems a long way off but pitchers and catchers report today in AZ for the Reds so I know Spring is closer than it seems.   Not exactly Cueto, Bailey, and Chapman section of the spring clubhouse  

2-12-15 Why NOT to Rebuild

by RedFaced 12. February 2015 10:18
I know this is a popular topic if not a very popular stance but I don't believe the Reds need to go into a full rebuild mode, at least not yet with this team.  Even if I can't convince everyone to agree with my stance I'm going to explain why I feel this is the best course of action for the 2015 Reds team.   #1 We don't know what we have.  We don't know how Votto will perform this year, we don't know about Bruce either.  We also don't know if Hamilton will make any improvem... [More]

02/07/2015 Walt wakes up and Goodyear is right around the corner

by Champ Summers 7. February 2015 14:36
Wow. RO looks dead. I popped in and saw comments were closed on a day there should be comments. I don't have a ton of time so I'll keep it short. Badenhop and his 61% ground ball rate was added today for what is essentially a 1 year 2.5 mm contract with an option for a second year at the same rate. We needed to open a 40 spot for him so promising lefty Ismael Guillen was DFA'd and the Reds have 10 days to deal him. He really struggled in Bakersfield last year so hopefully his 40 man status and ... [More]



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