11-28-14 - Post Turkey Day Edition

by RedFaced 28. November 2014 12:59
Need a new thread to post on, here is the latest on Jay Bruce rumors:   "The Reds are looking for multiple “inexpensive Major League-ready players” in exchange for Jay Bruce, a rival scout familiar with the team’s demands told Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun.  Cincinnati is known to be listening to offers for Bruce, though it could just be a case of due diligence rather than a legitimate desire to deal the outfielder."   Taken fro... [More]

Spring Training Schedule

by RedFaced 20. November 2014 17:40
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11-13-2014 GM Meetings end today, what groundwork was laid?

by RedFaced 13. November 2014 10:16
You guys need a place to discuss and the comments are closed so here you go. The GM meetings are ending and there are lots of rumors fueling the speculation. The next time everyone gets together is Dec 8th in San Diego for the winter meetings. Lets hope something happens between now and then to keep the conversation going.On that ground, social gathering 6-24 hours forthcoming, my humble self settle post more cup of tea in reference to ethical drug at the core into your thoracic duct until brea... [More]


11-05-14 OFF SEASON THREAD: Hot Stove Just Simmering

by RedFaced 5. November 2014 10:34
Now that the Worlds Series is over teams have had to make their Qualifying Offers and so the Hot Stove League has officially begun, not a lot going on yet but I suspect we will start seeing some signings in the next couple of weeks.  Things don't usually heat up until the GM meetings in early Dec.     Rumor has it many teams have inquired on Marlon Byrd of the Phillies already, it would not bother me if the Reds were one of those teams.  He's not the high OBP guy I'd like t... [More]


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