03-31-2014: Episode CXLV: A New Hope

by SDDennis 31. March 2014 10:30
There was darkness, depression and unease and cold In a winter so bitter the children felt old. There was loneliness too, and a sense of despair When the Reds stayed so quiet, like they didn’t care.   The offseason started, with wreck and with ruin, With much ugly sadness and way way too soon. Then Dusty was dust-binned and everyone thought Big changes were happening… though they were not.   But everything ends, sometimes good, sometimes bad And when something e... [More]


Game Thread


by Amy 25. March 2014 18:57
1. First to homer BRUCE (4/3) 2. First to steal a base-FRAZIER (3/31) 3. First to commit an error  FRAZIER (4/2 or 3) 4. First to walk B. PENA (3/31) 5. First player to go on the DL Chapman, Broxton, Latos, Marshall, Mesoraco, Schumaker, Hannahan (3/30) – Trevor Bell (4/8) 6. First pitcher to five wins Simon (5/16) 7. First to 20 stolen bases - Hamilton 8. First to 50 RBI Frazier (7/12) 9. Team W-L at All-Star Break 51-44 10. Most RBI at ASB Frazier (53) 11. H... [More]

03-23-2014 SPRING TRAINING Rounding Third and Heading For Home

by DocProc 23. March 2014 12:18
This is my final Sunday in AZ—we leave for the NKY on Thursday.  It’s been the most restful vacation of my life and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but I’m ready to be home.  I miss my bed, my couch, my morning newspaper, my desktop computer, my car, my mail, and most of all, my dog Buddy (I’ve attached a photo if the mods are able to post it—it’s been my laptop wallpaper since I’ve been here).   I think what I’ll miss most ... [More]


by DocProc 19. March 2014 20:43
I’m skipping this evening’s game because I’d have to fight through about two hours of rush hour traffic to get to the ballpark in Surprise at the odd start time of 6:05.  So instead, let me give you a quick ranking of the ballparks I’ve visited here in Greater Phoenix.   First, here are the things I look for in a ST ballpark, roughly in order of importance to me (I realize not all will share my preferences):   --Lots of available seats so I can buy a la... [More]

The Cincinnati Reds as Game of Thrones Characters

by AshlandATeam 18. March 2014 00:12
Okay, so after I posted this link to the other thread, I got a crazy idea that delighted me to no end: if the 2013 Cincinnati Reds were Game of Thrones characters, who would they be? This got the mind racing, and so even thought there was already a new thread today, this seemed like a good thread to begin at 11:18 my time (and after midnight in Cincinnati). (NOTE: IF YOU AREN'T UP WITH SEASON THREE, THERE ARE SPOILERS. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!) So, without further ado, here's what I've got: &nbs... [More]

03-17-2014 SPRING TRAINING THREAD: Break Out Your Green Reds' Hats

by Champ Summers 17. March 2014 11:47
Anyone interested in taking the line up and using it as a starter. This is my 1st 3/17 at home in a number of years. I'm usually in green watching the Reds in green and having a nice smooth adult beverage.#Reds lineup: O'Bernadina CFO'Phillips 2B O'Votto 1B O'Bruce RF O'Ludwick LF O'Frazier 3B O'Cozart SS O'Mesoraco C O'Heisey DH O'Leake P  

03-13-2014 SPRING TRAINING THREAD: What Happens in Goodyear

by Amy 13. March 2014 14:50
Hi! Missed everyone. I had a phenomenal time in Goodyear, as usual. I will probably say more about all of that as time goes on, but for now, since I have to leave for piano lessons in a little while, the story DocProc alluded to:   Tuesday morning, three of us were at the practice fields, standing behind the fence on the 1B side (Champ, you know where I'm talking about.) We were watching the drills on the field, as were a lot of other people, but we were up front at the fence. BP was walk... [More]

03-06-2014 SPRING TRAINING THREAD: Suck It, Winter....

by Amy 6. March 2014 14:25
Just putting a quick new thread up so you don't have to scroll as much. Leaving for the airport in 30 minutes! Will try to post--feel free to check my Twitter feed as well--since this trip is with Twitter people, there will probably be a lot of that going on. Looking forward to meeting DocProc and Mrs. Doc and getting some much-needed sunshine. 

03-03-2014 SPRING TRAINING THREAD: Living The Dream

by DocProc 3. March 2014 09:57
After a rare weekend of AZ rain and taking my mother-in-law to CA, today I’m ready to begin my first full week of Spring Training baseball. I’m pumped. This week will include a trek to a game in Surprise (at 45 minutes, the longest trip from our home base in Scottsdale), a rare night game where I’ll meet up with some old friends, a game in which I’ll WALK to the park (Scottsdale Stadium) from our condo, and a Saturday game where my wife and I will meet up with A... [More]


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