1-29-14: Thinking Outside of the Box

by RedFaced 29. January 2014 13:30
So I had an out of the box thought strike me today...   Would Cueto be the better trade candidate for the Reds than Bailey?   I'm not sure of the answer to this question myself but it struck me immediately as a distinct possibility.    For one Cueto basically has two yrs on his contract and will be paid $10 per year.  If healthy and back to form that seems like a bargain for Cueto.  Is that enough to net an above avg return?   He's coming off of injury... [More]

1-25-14: The Most Depressing of the Reds' Depressing Off Season

by AshlandATeam 25. January 2014 15:16
*Important note: nothing you read here will be remotely rational. This is what the Reds have done to me.    I was filled with hope.   Sure, the season ended in depressing fashion, but it was just the right level of depressing - we'd still made the playoffs (making three times in four years), and finally, just a couple days later, Dusty Baker was fired. 'Surely,' we all said to ourselves. 'Surely, Walt wouldn't fire Dusty only to give Bryan Price the same underachieving team!' ... [More]

01-22-2014 - Your Pants Need to Be Sized-More OR Pass Me the Grady.

by DocProc 22. January 2014 09:46
Since Grady Sizemore seems to be the only topic of conversation out there, let me add my two cents.  Assuming it’s a low-priced, high-incentive contract, I think it’s a great idea.  At the very least, Sizemore could be a Gold Glove mentor to Billy Hamilton.  At the very most, he could round into form and replace Ludwick when Ryan craps out.  Not much to lose on this one.  Go for it, Walt.  It will prove that you’re still breathing.   Mary he... [More]

01-20-2014 - I Have a Dream!

by RedFaced 20. January 2014 12:34
No time to discuss my dream, just thought it an appropriate title given today is MLK day.   We needed a new thread to post comments on so here it is!

01-05-2014 OFF-SEASON THREAD: Twelve Things for Twelfth Night

by Amy 5. January 2014 15:41
In this blah-fest of an off-season, I felt that I needed to come up with some Reds-related things I'll be looking forward to in 2014, whether Walt surprises us with a last-minute big deal or not. So here we go, in no particular order, because I just decided to do this post and don't really know what I'm going to say.     1. Goodyear. No matter what, Goodyear is good. Arizona sun after/during an Ohio winter is nothing to sneeze at.   2. GABP. Again, no matter what, there are g... [More]


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