12-27-2013 OFFSEASON THREAD: A Case for Arroyo

by DocProc 27. December 2013 17:39
Do you know what I’ve decided?  I want Arroyo back.  Of course, I want him at a team-friendly rate (15 mil for 2 years with an option year?)--but I want him back so we can trade Bailey while he has value and before he becomes a free agent.      Arroyo is hard if not impossible to replace as a reliable #3-4 starter who will take the ball every day and be a role model for the young pitchers.  And his skills aren’t eroding.  Last year he won 14 games... [More]


12-14-13 Offseason Thread: Reasons for Optimism

by AshlandATeam 14. December 2013 00:41
Maybe it's just because I'm at Disney World right now (and will be for another three days); maybe it's because I'm tired of being a negative nancy all the time. I don't know. What I do know is this: I'm choosing to be optimistic about the Reds season next year.    Yes, this offseason has been frustrating. And no, I'm not happy in the least that Walt's biggest move was to acquire a former Cardinal with a negative WAR last season. But even still: there's a reason for hope. In fact, the... [More]

12-08-2013: Time for Walt's Winter Wonderland Meetings

by Mary 8. December 2013 12:03
The last thread with RedsFest etc was getting pretty long, so time for a new thread just as the Reds' brass flies south for the Winter Meetings (and gets out before it ices up)   Carry on.

12-02-13 Holy Cow, We Need a New Thread!

by RedFaced 2. December 2013 08:55
So here it is.   Bring on the Winter meetings!!!  Dec 9-11   Also from mlb.com   "Monday is Dec. 2, also known as the "tender deadline" date, or, in simpler terms, the last day for teams to offer -- or tender -- contracts to arbitration-eligible players."   So we should be seeing some Arb info rolling out today and tomorrow.  I wonder if any news will be offered in regards to Homer Bailey.


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