11-17-2013: Will the Hot Stove League Heat Up and Who Will Play in It?

by DocProc 17. November 2013 10:05
A TRADE PROPOSAL   Here’s a trade proposal from John Erardi:   http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20131116/SPT04/311160062/Erardi-Hot-Stove-can-be-even-better-than-season?source=nletter-nletter-sports&gcheck=1   I like it.  A lot.  In fact, I would take it without Porcello being included (because I don’t think Detroit would give up that much).  And maybe we can toss in Ludwick and split his contract costs?  

11-8-2013 - The Book: A Tale of Two Reds Lineups

by VottoLoco 8. November 2013 09:54
With Bryan Price sitting in the driver’s seat, the Reds are poised to step into the modern day of more progressive baseball strategy.  In his own words:   You have to use statistical analysis to understand certain themes and certain percentages and certain matchups. That’s definitely a growing part of the game. In the same respect, you have to understand the ability of your team and the guys that you’re using in those situations. What are we asking somebody to do? I... [More]


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