10-25-2013 - You Know You Want a New Starter

by RedFaced 25. October 2013 09:02
Amy posted this on the past starter and since no-one can comment on it any longer I felt compelled to bring it over to the new starter and start the comments flowing anew.   Old Hoss's WS preview: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/old-hoss-radbourn-previews-2013-world-series-102213        

10-21-2013 - Let's Play - You Be the GM.

by RedFaced 21. October 2013 08:44
Arroyo and Choo are free agents.  BP is on the trading block.  Homer is entering his last year of Arbitration.  You need a new manager. Do you keep Billy Hamilton in the big leagues or sending him back to AAA for more "seasoning"?  Lots of questions this off-season, what would you do if you were the GM?   Here is a quick run-down of what I would do right now. Of course this will likely change 4-5 times this off-season because well just because.   I said yesterda... [More]

10-17-2013 We Need Another Thread

by RedFaced 17. October 2013 11:19
Word is that we shall have no new manager before the World Series is completed.  I wonder if the decision has already been made and the team is just waiting now so as to keep MLB happy?   Carry on...

10-13-2013 Thread: The Season Continues For Four Teams

by Mary 13. October 2013 10:50
Just a quick place holder since the prior thread timed out for comments

10-9-2013 - 2014 Salary Breakdown - Emphasis on Rotation

by RedFaced 9. October 2013 10:38
According to Baseball-reference.com the Reds 2013 team payroll was $104.8.  They have 76.6M committed for 2014 as of right now – this does not include any for arbitration cases.  Here’s the link if you want a nice table showing salary commitments for the Reds from 2013 on out: http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CIN/2013-payroll-salaries.shtml   2014 arbitration eligible players:   Homer Bailey – Arb 3 (made $5.35M in 2013) Ryan Hanigan - Arb 3 (mad... [More]


by Amy 8. October 2013 09:25
Hey guys, just noticed comments were closed on the prior thread. I tried to reopen them, but had no luck. If someone else closed them to put up a new thread, I'll delete this one, but in the meantime, feel free to continue any discussions.     

10-4-13 OFFSEASON THREAD: The Dusty Baker Era: 2008-2013

by AshlandATeam 4. October 2013 12:52
My high school love life was, as is the case for most teenagers, a train wreck. I wasn't exactly George Clooney, and therefore, I understand that I couldn't exactly expect to be attracting Kate Upton, but even with my lowered ceiling, dating was just a comedy of errors: There was the girl who was obsessed with cats and the cheerleader with the IQ of 75; There was the older, more experienced girl who gave me a lifelong phobia of ranch dressing, and the girl who, it turned out, belonged to a rel... [More]

10-3-13 OFFSEASON THREAD: Taking a Step Back

by AshlandATeam 3. October 2013 13:18
2013 didn't go as planned. And there's not a Reds fan out there that doesn't have a strong opinion (or twelve) about why that happened. I don't want to speak for everyone here, but I know how I feel:   I just don't want to talk about it anymore.   Consider this thread a cleansing of the palate. We've had more than 24 hours to rant, rave, complain, and be despondent about the way things ended. And while I'm by no means ready to 'move on' per se, I'm definitely ready to quit with tha... [More]


Game Thread

10-1-13 GAME THREAD: The One That Matters

by AshlandATeam 1. October 2013 00:08
Game Time: 8:07 in Pittsburgh, 7:07 in Ashland   Lineups:   #PosPlayer 1 CF Shin-Soo Choo - L 2 LF Ryan Ludwick - R 3 1B Joey Votto - L 4 2B Brandon Phillips - R 5 RF Jay Bruce - L 6 3B Todd Frazier - R 7 SS Zack Cozart - R 8 C Ryan Hanigan - R 9 P Johnny Cueto - R #PosPlayer 1 CF Starling Marte - R 2 LF Neil Walker - S 3 RF Andrew McCutchen - R 4 3B... [More]


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