2013 Game Thread Starter Schedule

by Mary 27. March 2013 15:24
As we begin our fourth year here as RedsOctober, we have continuing opportunities for all to put their own special spin on the Reds season by contributing starters for various games/series. To start with, I will be posting about a month's worth of games ahead for signup, but you are always welcome to look to the schedule further out and claim some later games for yourself (I personally am claiming game 7 of the Reds World Series championship season right now).   The variety of outlooks (f... [More]


by Amy 27. March 2013 15:03
Lots of these are exactly the same as last year. A few additions, at your suggestion, which I hope will make things more interesting throughout the season instead of just at the beginning and end. New categories have an asterisk. Prize to be determined (which means I need to dig through my Reds stuff and see what's there, and maybe snag something from Opening Day, depending on how much of a zoo it is). I'll let you all know!   1. First to homer--BP 2. First to steal a base--Heisey&n... [More]

03-24-2013 SPRING TRAINING: Stop Hitting Our Pitchers, Please...Scenes from Arizona...Suggestions?

by Amy 24. March 2013 21:50
So, this is karma wanting Chapman to start? Two starters hit by batted balls in as many days? Yikes. Glad it sounds like both Latos and Arroyo are fine.   Here are a few of the best pictures from my "real" camera. Sadly, my iPhone takes better ones (if it only had a decent zoom).           And finally, I'll be putting up the prediction thread very soon. Does anyone have suggestions? Are we okay with something very similar to last season's? 

03-14-2013 Spring Training Thread: Reds October Goes to Goodyear

by Amy 14. March 2013 12:04
On the eve of heading to Arizona, I find myself excited, as usual, about many things. Also I find myself procrastinating, as usual, with a work project that has to be done before I leave. Anyway, here's at least a partial list of what I love about Goodyear: 1. Live baseball. 2. Sitting in the sun when it snowed in Ohio yesterday. 3. Debating players' performances and likelihood of making the roster over drinks. 4. Eavesdropping on whoever's in the practice field outfield from behind the back... [More]

03-07-2013 Spring Training Preview: Catchers

by River Otter 7. March 2013 15:42
The Sensei     Ryan Hanigan   Spring training reports indicate there’s an intense competition between Ryan Hanigan, Devin Mesoraco, and Miguel Olivo for starting catcher.  Just kidding.  Hanigan has the starting position locked down for 2013.  The only question seems to be how many games he’ll start.   Hanigan, who was signed in 2002 as an undrafted free agent after three years at Rollins College, has quietly established himself as one of ... [More]

03-01-2013: 2013 Spring Training Preview: Focus on the Reds Infield

by Champ Summers 1. March 2013 12:06
What’s most exciting about 2013 is what’s making 2013 Spring Training a bit of a snooze fest. The fact that most of the positions are locked up and secure make conversations about position battles pointless. There are still some opportunities for some role players to play their way on to the roster this spring.   Locks: Joey Votto - Not much to say here. He’s looked pretty good so far this spring and as some here have said he could be in for a very good season. Votto&rs... [More]


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