12-28-2012: One Last Thread for the Year

by Mary 28. December 2012 12:08
I thought the last thread was getting a bit unwieldy, hence a new thread.  These Christmas pictures of Mat and Cat Latos caught my eye, so provided the content for this starter     Happy New Year everyone!

12-12-2012: An Early Christmas Present Choo You.

by RedFaced 12. December 2012 09:56
Well last night's trade has us all stirred up and with the last starter getting long in the posts I thought we'd better start up another new one.  So let's kick the trade discussions up another notch.  

12-7-2012: Pearl Harbor Day and Redsfest

by Mary 7. December 2012 19:05
I see that the previous thread is approaching 400 posts (glad to see the return to life following the lull after the WS), so I thought I would make it easier for those on mobile devices to follow along.  Nothing exciting to report (yet), but thought I would include this pic of Joey the  Beard at Redsfest 2012 today.      Carry on, all.


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