12-01-2012 OFFSEASON THREAD: Winter Meetings, Mayans and Bronson Arroyo Playing The Tambourine

by Amy 30. November 2012 16:30
I'm just going to continue to put a new post up every time I want to. Whatever. I miss baseball.     Potential topics for discussion:   --The upcoming magical winter meetings during which nothing ever seems to be accomplished (BUT THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. OR NOT.)   --The upcoming magical Mayan calendar doomsday date. Hey, it would get me out of room mother responsibilities. (SERIOUSLY, WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA. I AM SO NOT SUITED.)   --The following... [More]

11-19-12 HOLIDAY THREAD: Reds Wish List, Waiting for Spring Training Schedule, Etc.

by Amy 19. November 2012 12:24
Hey all, We're not likely to have heavy traffic over the holidays, but I decided we needed a new thread (less scrolling) before I head out of town for Thanksgiving and only have mobile access for several days.   Feel free to open up any topics, as usual. Anybody asking for anything Reds-related for Christmas? Anyone going to Redsfest? Anyone have deep-fried turkey fire stories?   Happy Thanksgiving to all :)


by AshlandATeam 2. November 2012 12:37
The off season is upon us, and for Reds fans, that means several annual arguments have started:   - How much money do the Reds have? - Can they/should they re-sign our agin Free Agent(s) or should we see what else we can do? - What prospects can/should be traded to upgrade the gaping holes on the team? - How terrible is the Enquirer as a source for information on the Reds?   Actually, scratch the last one - no one actually argues that, we all just generally accept the answer is ... [More]


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