2012 Thread Starter Signups

by Mary 28. March 2012 20:05
As the hours until opening day are ticking away (do any clocks still tick?), the time has come to start the signup sheet for starters for this, the soon to be highly successful 2012 Cincinnati Reds season.  While it is somewhat preferable that entire series be taken by one person, that is not always possible, so please consider which games you can provide starters for and sign up below.  We do have our opening day starter named--SDDennis has agreed to provide the inspirational start fo... [More]

3-28-2012 Season Prediction Contest 2012

by Amy 27. March 2012 21:45
Last season we did the standard W-L prediction. Which was fine, but...standard. So this season, I thought we'd shake things up a little bit. I'm asking for everyone's predictions on a long list of items, some of which may happen in the first game, some will have to wait for year-end totals. And the winner gets a prize. But not just any prize...   That's right, a GIANT sweatshirt. (Okay, so I can't figure out how to resize this picture. Shut it.)   Without further ado, the predict... [More]

03-27-2012: Penultimate Spring Training Thread

by Mary 27. March 2012 14:07
The previous thread was getting unwieldy again, so I am opening a new one.  As I mentioned in a post in the last thread, we need to get a signup thread going for the regular season threads.  I am hoping we can get SDDennis to be our opening day starter (he earned it, based upon his prior years' performances ).  Please take a look at the April schedule and see if you can take a series or a few games as yours to write starters for.

03-19-2012 2012 Spring Training Observations

by Champ Summers 19. March 2012 12:48
  Once again I had very good trip to Goodyear, albeit strange at times--but I won’t get into that today. I wanted to point out the things that most stood out about the 2012 Reds from my short stay this year.     The Practice Facility--this is still my favorite part of the trip. No real moments this year like in years past with ED44 or DTrain. Davis hung around the cage and not the OF so no listening in. Two things you get from the morning workouts 1) ... [More]

03-15-2012 RO Goes to Spring Training

by Amy 15. March 2012 08:00
Last thread was getting a little long to scroll through. Please continue the discussion here!   I don't know about you guys, but I think we might need a running PBR count for the RO spring training trip.

03-08-2012: Things I Love About Spring Training

by DocProc 8. March 2012 18:12
About the time this thread starter is posted, I’ll be on my way to Phoenix to catch a couple of days of Spring Training. We’ll see a split-squad game in Scottsdale on Friday and a game against the A’s in Phoenix on Saturday. “Pumped” does not begin to describe how I’m feeling right now. This will be the 10th straight year than my son and I have attended Spring Training together. We went the first time for his high school graduation present and w... [More]


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