1-24-12 OFFSEASON THREAD: The Bill James Game, Part Two: The Hitters

by AshlandATeam 24. January 2012 12:09
After our first look at the predictions of Bill James, I have to be honest - I hope he's a moron. Outside of Mat Latos, Homer Bailey, and Bronson Arroyo, James had bad news for literally the entirety of the rest of the pitching staff. It was stunning, really.   As we look at his projections for the Reds' hitters, there is much better news, and now, I hope he's right. One note before we go forward: while no one can reasonably expect to guess specific stat lines, if you don't like looking a... [More]

1-19-12 OFFSEASON THREAD: The Bill James Game, Part One: Pitchers

by AshlandATeam 19. January 2012 16:27
So... that Bill James guy sure is smart, huh? Without him, not only would we still be in the dark ages when it comes to evaluating players, but the Boston Red Sox would probably still be cursed by the ghost of the Babe. He obviously knows his stuff - that much is indisputable, whether or not you adhere to all of his particular statisical innovations.   But here's the question - HOW smart is he?    Each year, he posts statistical projections for each player in Major League Base... [More]

1-17-2012 - It Is Time to Play-- PREDICTING THE STARTING LINEUP

by RedFaced 17. January 2012 09:28
The 40 man roster appears to be set now.  The 25 man roster appears to be very, very close with only backup SS in question - will it be Janish, will the team keep a more versatile guy like Frazier who can hit higher than his weight or will the team look elsewhere for a veteran to fill that role?  Well we just don't know yet but that move shouldn't affect what should be the opening day lineup and what should be the Reds lineup for most of their games.  Of course, injury and the Dus... [More]

1-12-2012 - It Is Time to Play-- PREDICTING THE 25 MAN ROSTER

by RedFaced 11. January 2012 23:32
I figured with all the changes that have been going on in Reds land it was time to look at the 40 man roster as it sits currently and try to predict what the active roster will look like come the start of the season.  Of course all of this assumes everyone has an injury free Spring or at least are healthy come the start of the season.   Here's what I see, starting with the bullpen: Jose Arredondo Bill Bray Sean Marshall Nick Masset Logan Ondrusek Sam LeCure Ryan Madson   I'... [More]

1-9-12 Thread: Barry Larkin and the Hall of Fame

by AshlandATeam 9. January 2012 11:25
I've thought a lot about what I should write in this space.   I've thought about what it was like to be a young Reds fan from 1986-2004. I've thought about how it seemed, at times, that I was a glutton for punishment. After all, just being a baseball fan in general was a pretty tough pill to swallow, what with the strike-shortened seasons of 1994 and 1995, the steroid era forcibly imposing its will on the hallowed record books, and the beginning of the divide between the haves and have-no... [More]

1-4-2012 Keep Your Hands Off of My Joey Votto!

by RedFaced 4. January 2012 11:02
I’m getting a little tired of hearing everyone talk about Votto leaving after 2013.  I’m tired of reading that other teams are ogling over my Joey Votto, planning to take him away from me.  And I’m tired of hearing Reds fans discuss the impending departure and when the Reds should trade him to maximize potential return.   In Joey Votto the Reds have one of the best players in the game.  Votto is easily the best player the Reds have had since Barry Larkin (... [More]


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