by DocProc 23. November 2011 09:57
Here on Thanksgiving Eve, I thought it might be worthwhile to start a “Things a Reds Fan Can Be Thankful For” thread. I know 2011 wasn’t a great year for the franchise, but I’m still proud to be a Reds fan and am optimistic about next year (I already purchased my 20-game plan for next season and have reservations for Spring Training). I’ll get things started by listing five things—feel free to join in on the chorus. Oh, and I would be remis... [More]

11-11-(20)11: Congratulations you have been promoted from fan to General Manager of the Reds for 2012..

by Ohioredsfan1 10. November 2011 17:36
November 2011. (RSVP news):  The Cincinnati Reds today announced the resignation of Walt Jocketty as general manager of the team. Jocketty explained the reason for his resignation as getting too much pressure from a certain website known as RedsOctober. The site had been pressuring Walt to quit sitting around contemplating his next move and to actually do something of significance to improve the Reds for 2012. Robert Castellini, owner of the Reds, said that now Walt could spend even more ti... [More]

11-09-2011: When, Oh When, Do Pitchers and Catchers Report?

by Mary 9. November 2011 13:02
I've got nothing to say, but realized that the last thread was getting pretty unwieldy in length, so have started a new one here.  Like I said before, anyone who wants to write a thread starter just to get us moving again is welcome to do so.  Just send it to starters@redsoctober.com and one of us will see that it gets posted   This is what the off season seems to do to many of us:  


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