10-29-2011: Now We Are Truly in the Off Season

by Mary 29. October 2011 10:17
Time to put all thoughts of WLBs behind us (except how the Reds will bury them next year) and regather our torn optimism.  2012 is where it's at now, so let's start the talk about the upcoming championship year for our Reds.  - If any one has ideas for threads, please send them to us and we'll get them up.  In the mean time, here is a place to talk without a bunch of scrolling through WS moans.    

10-28-2011 GAME THREAD: World Series Game Seven, or "Are you Bleeping Kidding Me? How Many Leads Can Texas Blow?"

by Amy 28. October 2011 08:44
Hi everyone...just thought we could use a new thread.  I'm too groggy to write anything of import, because of, you know, staying up till 1 a.m. watching a game the Rangers should've won seven or eight times over.  But you know what? It's all gonna be okay. You know why? David Freese (and the entire Cards team, because they let these guys into the clubhouse) has now been tainted with Cubbiness:   And for Otter's "Don't Mess With Texas," here's this.

How the success of 2011 and a deep playoff run will ultimately ruin the WLB's

by RedFaced 18. October 2011 15:41
I will start with pitching, success begins and ends with pitching and the rotation in particular. Let's recall what The Verducci Effect definition is:Per Baseball Prospectus: "Named for Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated, this is a negative forward indicator for pitcher workload. Verducci, who called this the 'Year After Effect,' found that pitchers under the age of 25 who have 30-inning increases year over year tend to underperform. Will Carroll independently found that pitchers who break the ... [More]

10-8-2011 GAME THREAD: LCSs and Time to End the WLB's Run

by Mary 8. October 2011 10:35
Now that the Evil Empire (along with not so evil AZ andTampa Bay and those stinking Phillies who can't even beat the WLBs) is eliminated, it's time to open a new thread so that it does not take forever to read the current topic on a mobile device.  I'm rooting for the Tigers to beat the Rangers and the Brewers to finally put a stake through the WLB's heart (they seem to be the living dead, having been underground for so long).       Will we see more Rally Squirrels this r... [More]


Game Thread

10-1-2011 GAME THREAD: Various and Sundry Playoff Games

by Amy 1. October 2011 10:06
Hi Guys, Looked like we could use a new thread. As you were, please continue with the playoff chatter and offseason discussions!!


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