(IT IS ) Opening Day 2011

by SDDennis 31. March 2011 00:01
“Tell me a story,” he said to his dad,And the father heaved out a great sigh.The winter had fogged up his brain, so he feared,And his river of stories ran dry.The river… he paused, and his brain seemed to thaw,Though the weather still brought a snow fall.The river, the Riverfront! sprang to his headAnd he spun up this tale of Baseball!…Just down by the river, the father began,Plays a ball club that’s older than all.Where the Players have hearts that will ne... [More]


Game Thread

Is It Opening Day Yet?

by Amy 27. March 2011 19:40
I don't really have anything to say; just wanted to open a new thread for discussion until Opening Day.  

Projecting the Opening Day 25 man Roster

by RedFaced 22. March 2011 11:10
OK gang here it is the official RedFaced final 25 man roster predictions. No sense in going through a recap of the entire Spring let's just jump right into it. First off the sure bets, these are guys who are guaranteed to be on the 25 man as of opening day.   rotation *Bronson Arroyo*Homer Bailey *Mike Leake *Edinson Volquez *Travis Wood   bullpen *Aroldis Chapman *Francisco Cordero *Nick Masset   catchers *Ryan Hanigan *Ramon Hernandez   infielders *Paul Jani... [More]

2011 Starter Sign Up Thread

by Mary 21. March 2011 12:09
thread starters ready for posting can be sent to starters@redsoctober.com for processing   It's that time again! (nag, nag, nag).  We are looking for thread starters for the upcoming season's series. Over the past couple of years, we have been treated to some excellent and entertaining starters from many of our posters.  The variety of viewpoints and presentation styles has kept this forum alive and vibrant and there is no reason that this will not continue to be the case. ... [More]

2011 Spring Close-Up: A (Realistically) Perfect Infield

by AshlandATeam 14. March 2011 14:58
The world is far from a perfect place, and you don't need natural disasters ins Japan, riots in Egypt, or Chris Carpenter's son to remind of you that. Bad things happen, especially in a sport with a season as long as baseball's. All of this is to say that I'm well aware that today's exercise is one of futility; to try to map out a 'perfect' scenario for the 2011 Reds' infield is fool-hardy at best, and at worst, a cosmic black cat crossing the path of every Reds' infielder this Spring. But if t... [More]

2011 Spring Close Up: Looking at the Outfield

by Redwakeup 10. March 2011 09:28
    There are still questions in the Reds young outfield. Is this the year that Jay Bruce becomes what we expect? Will Drew Stubbs mature in his plate appearances? Will the multi-headed monster in left field deliver consistency in offense, defense, and lineups? Will the potential of some of the younger players be realized this season?   We know that the Reds are looking at multiple players to fill three positions. Each player in the mix adds and subtracts from the overall effi... [More]

2011 Spring Close Up: Looking Behind the Plate

by Champ Summers 4. March 2011 12:24
Yesterday there was discussion about the last Reds catcher to hit 20 HR’s, based on a Fayman tweet. It was interesting to look back at the history of the position after Bench. The Reds have had a couple decent players behind the plate, with Joe Oliver being one of the most consistent. It’s been a revolving door for the most part since Oliver left Cincinnati. Fellow Tom Emanski Baseball World Alum Ed Taubensee was a nice player for several seasons, but since then the Reds have been lo... [More]


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