2011 Spring Close Up: Looking at the Bullpen

by Champ Summers 28. February 2011 14:35
If there is an interesting story to camp this season, it’s the bullpen. For me it’s the area that has the most fluidity and in my opinion, controversy. In this look at the pen you will not see Mike Leake or Travis Wood included. The loser goes to AAA or finds their way into the rotation because of injury or an unforeseen incident. The inclusion of Chapman seems a lock despite many in Redsland wondering if this is the right move. There are a couple spots at the back end that are up fo... [More]

2011 Spring Close Up: Looking at the Starting Pitchers

by Champ Summers 22. February 2011 21:40
So we’ve all been putting our two cents in over the past few weeks about many different subjects. I thought it would be a good time to start looking at Starting Pitching, Relievers, Infielders, Catchers and Outfielders. We’ll take a look at the players who expect to start and other players that could play a role throughout the season. Since Edinson Volquez was handed the opening day start today, it seemed appropriate to start with the rotation. Here is the way I think the rotation... [More]

2011 -- A Year for Optimism or Not? Place your Numbers Here

by Mary 7. February 2011 15:09
This thread is simply a place holder for everyone to enter their predictions for the final regular season number of wins for the 2011 Reds team.  Where the predicted number of wins places the Reds in the standings  is also up for prediction.    

The Last Off-season Thread: What the Future Holds...

by RedFaced 4. February 2011 01:15
With just under 2 weeks remaining until pitchers and catchers report I’m declaring this the official last off-season thread.  From here on out I say we start writing 2011 pre-season threads. I’m going to be honest, the off-season didn’t seem quite as long this year.  I went back and watched the Central clinching game again and you know what, I enjoyed it just as much in February as I did back in late September.  Do you recall the details of the game?  Do you... [More]


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