Offseason Thread: Barry Larkin a Hall of Famer?

by AshlandATeam 30. December 2010 11:37
This is a thread I've been wanting to start for years. And yet, after determining sometime last week that yes, I'll post something like this, I've hesitated. I'm not completely sure why, really. But a lot of it has to do with the the fact that frankly, this shouldn't have to be a question.   There are a lot of statistics I can throw at you to try to sway your opinion about my favorite player of all time, Barry Larkin. I could bring up the dozen All Star games, the MVP trophy, the World Se... [More]


by DocProc 16. December 2010 10:10
I’m looking at about five inches of snow on the driveway outside, and I’m procrastinating shoveling.  Inasmuch as our previous thread is getting old and full, I thought I’d start a fresh one.  This will be short and sweet—simply an attempt to get a new ball rolling.   Dear Santa:   Here are some things I want for Christmas this year.  As you will see, they are all related to the Cincinnati Reds.  When there is snow on the ground an... [More]

Off Season Thread: The Week of Jackassery

by timmytwoshoezzz 4. December 2010 20:54
The week of 28 NOV may go down in sporting history as the most historically corrupt, insane and mystifying week in the history of sports.  Basically, jackassery reigned worldwide.  Let’s have a quick recap:   1) England was soundly defeated by getting only two votes for host of the 2018 World Cup.  Nevermind that the most soccer (football) crazed nation in the world has not hosted the tournament since 1966 and has the infrastructure in place to host the thing tom... [More]


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