by AshlandATeam 19. November 2010 16:33
  Update: Joey Votto has been named 2010 NL Most Valuable Player!!!   It's been fifteen years since the Reds have had a legitimate candidate for National League MVP, and just like in 1995, if you had predicted in the spring that the Reds would have a winner, most people would have looked at you like you were crazy. In 95, it was because the Reds' candidate was a top of the order shortstop with 15 home runs, and typically, those types of players don't get MVP votes. This year, unless... [More]

Reds November Thoughts

by timmytwoshoezzz 12. November 2010 18:34
While the weeks following the conclusion of the Fall Classic haven’t been action packed for Reds fans, it has brought a few things into perspective.  There has been some cause for celebration (3 GG winners, O-Cab going the way of the Great Plains buffalo), cause for sadness (the passing of Reds' great Sparky Anderson), and ample time to engage in spirited debate regarding the course of the franchise.  So let’s quickly discuss what we’ve seen so far and delve into some... [More]


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