07-31-10 GAME THREAD: Atlanta vs. Cincinnati – This One’s For A Winning Month.

by RedFaced 31. July 2010 03:22
Time: 4:10 PM EDT, GABP Radio/TV: Cincinnati: TV: FOX; Radio: WLW 700 Atlanta:  TV: FOX.  MLB.tv (audio and video with subscription), XM Radio Ch. 178 Lineups: Reds (57-47) Phillips 4Cabrera 6Votto 3Rolen 5Gomes 7Bruce 9Stubbs 8Hanigan 2Arroyo 1   Atlanta (59-43)   Jair Jurrjens  1 Last Night’s Game:  More of the same with Atlanta, winning it in their last at-bat in extra innings.   Johnny Cueto had what was likely his worst start of ... [More]


Game Thread

07-30-10 GAME THREAD: Atlanta vs. Cincinnati – Time for payback.

by RedFaced 30. July 2010 13:58
Time: 7:10 PM EDT, GABP Radio/TV: Cincinnati: TV: FS-O HD, MLBN; Radio: WLW 700 Atlanta:  TV: SPSO, MLBN.  MLB.tv (audio and video with subscription), XM Radio Ch. 184 Lineups: Reds (57-46) Phillips 4Cabrera 6Votto 3Rolen 5Gomes 7Bruce 9Stubbs 8Hernandez 2Cueto 1     Atlanta (58-43) Prado 4 Heyward 9 Jones 5 McCann 2 Glaus 3 Hinske 7 Infante 6 Cabrera 8 Kris Medlen  1 How the Reds got here: The Reds come home for a quick (and crazy scheduling quirk) 3 g... [More]


Game Thread

Suggestion Box

by Amy 30. July 2010 11:55
Since RedFaced is building this site for us, he's asked us for suggestions on things we need to make Reds October function the way we'd like it to.   Obviously, the ability to post pictures will be a feature of the final site. I'm sure accessibility on a variety of mobile devices and ability to post from those mobile devices would be high on our wish list as well.  Jump in and comment with your own suggestions!

2010 Thread Starters Schedule

by Mary 30. July 2010 10:45
The season is moving right along, with Cincinnati in the hunt for a RedsOctober, and it's time get our ducks (and otters, polar bears, dawgs, squirrels, katz, dolphins, and misc. livestock) in line for upcoming Thread Starting opportunities. Come on, step up to the plate and hit one out of the park with your unique take on Reds baseball. Please reply to this thread to request a series (or off-day thread) as your own. APRIL   April 5--St. Louis (Opening Day) SDDennis Apr... [More]

Reds October Basic Information and Signup Instructions

by Amy 30. July 2010 10:23
Hi everyone, welcome to the new joint! RedFaced is going to give you some basic instructions about how to sign up and add an avatar. The avatar process is a bit complex at the moment, so it's your choice--you can use a default avatar for now if you'd prefer and wait for the bells-and-whistles version of the site, or you can follow the instructions for adding one right now. I did it, so it can't be that hard, right?   Signup instructions: Just click on "register" in the main menu (top lin... [More]

Reds October Forum Rules

by Administrator 29. July 2010 12:34
Welcome to RedsOctober.com, a great place to call home while following the Cincinnati Reds! In order to keep your participation and experiences enjoyable and interesting for all of our users, please follow our simple rules and guidelines listed below. By participating on Reds October, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service: What Is Not Allowed As RedsOctober.com moderators are alerted, we reserve the right to remove comments including these types of specific information or langu... [More]

Welcome Message

by Administrator 29. July 2010 12:26
Welcome to RedsOctober.com (formerly Red Letter Daze), the home of Cincinnati Reds fans who want a nice, casual, comfortable place to talk baseball.   Some of us started hanging out several years ago on C. Trent Rosecrans' Cincinnati Post Reds blog and, more recently, have been found on ClearChannel's theLotD.com, Cincinnati.com and CNati.com. There are many people who will already be familiar with the tone, temperament and camaraderie of this group.   But for those who are new and... [More]


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